Project Description

In underfloor heating, the heat is evenly distributed throughout your home, thanks to the even placement of the pipes under your floor, and can easily be comfort controlled using thermostats. The heat coming from a radiator heats the air directly over the radiator – this ends up being quickly dispersed and away from the desired area. Your warm air sits vertically in the room but stays cold at floor level. With underfloor heating, the heat is coming directly from your floor – because warm air rises, this means it is evenly dispersed throughout the entire room.

There are several advantages of using underfloor heating:

– The system is hidden from view and, unlike radiators or surface mounted heat pumps, takes up no wall space.

– Another advantage is its energy efficient properties. Radiators need much hotter water to feel the effects of the heat, therefore working your boiler harder. Due to the even distribution of the underfloor heating pipes, they work much more efficiently and can work with much cooler water.

– Underfloor heating eliminates cold spots allowing you to make full use of your home during the winter months.

– While radiators cause convection currents to circulate airborne dust around your home, underfloor heating systems radiate heat, making them an ideal choice for homeowners with allergies.

– Thanks to their high energy efficiency, underfloor heating systems are an excellent choice for eco-home builders.

– Providing they’re installed correctly, underfloor heating systems need very little seeing to. Since they’re installed beneath the floor, they’re also less likely to be damaged.